Leap, Climb, and Conquer at Ninja Warrior gym tiME

Welcome to the exciting world of Ninja Warrior training at gym tiME, where every child can unleash their inner ninja!

Our classes, tailored for all levels from Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced, focus on building strength, agility, and confidence. Beginners start with fundamental tumbling skills and basic obstacle challenges, while more advanced ninjas refine their movements through complex courses and cross-fit conditioning.

Join us and watch your child transform into a swift, strong, and confident ninja!

A young boy focusing on training with parallel bars in a gymnastics gym, with other children practicing in the background.

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A young boy being coached on gymnastic rings training with the assistance of a male coach in a colorful gym.

“This is Daniel’s favorite place to “get sweaty” he absolutely loves coming and is excited every day he goes and sad when he leaves. Best times ever!”


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