“Cheernastics” is a common phrase to describe this type of class. This is designed for athletes interested in learning specific tumbling skills, skills in this class are limited to floor only.

All pre-requisites MUST be met prior to entering each class. But what most students do not understand is that a back handspring (and other skills) come from building blocks. That is why gym tiME offers 4 different tumbling levels, to help the student progress at the correct speed!

Skipping basics or NOT training with a certified instructor will lead to poor technique that can cause safety issues, injuries, and inability to progress to more difficult skills down the road.

A diverse group of children smiling and stretching on a blue gym floor during a gymnastics class.

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A joyful group of children posing in various gymnastics positions on the mat, with an American flag in the background, during their class.

“Went to the Open House this past Sunday….was sooooo pleased….I am signing my TWIN Grandsons up this Tuesday!!! It looks just like what I have been looking for, something to get their energy out, in the winter months….I am excited….and so are they….”


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